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Intended outcome:

  • To get the players to react in transition and work hard to get behind the ball.

  • Have a purpose when the ball is won, attack the mini goals.

  • Instill teamwork and work ethic

  • Attackers - Counter with speed

  • For the exercise to be challenging and game related.

Possible Performance Problems:

When defenders get back in a 3v3, they forget about pressure, cover, and balance.

Principles of play:  Focus team is the defending group.

  • Get compact, stay compact

  • Set a line of confrontation

  • Be effective in your area (Pressure, cover, or balance?)

  • Transition to attack

Set up:  6v6+GK is shown. Two blues are by the goal, and two are 5 yards behind each mini goal. Two reds are placed 30 yards from goal on three cones. The GK starts the exercise.

Rules of the exercise:

1. The GK rolls a ball to Blue A who dribbles to the edge of the 18 and then passes to a red.

2. This triggers a reaction from the two blues to get back on defense. It’s 3v1 in favor of reds. The blues get back and make it a 3v3.

3. Reds can score on the large goal, if blues win the ball, they can score on either mini goal. When the exercise is finished, the GK serves in a new blue player, and so on.

4. Rotate the reds and blues.

  • Defensive stance

  • Make play predictable

  • Make a good solid tackle

  • Have fun

  • Be a good teammate

  • Help each other

  • Be willing to run 

  • Stay engaged in your area and ready to react

  • Use your body

  • Be ready to focus

  • Embrace failure.

  • Enjoy the challenge

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