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Ball mastery - Dribble, turn, pass, move, receive

Exercise Description:

Players are in groups of four with two balls.
1. Players A & B dribble the ball to the gate. They perform a turn and pass the ball back to a teammate.
2. Player A moves to the right and player B to the left. The ball is passed back to them, and they receive it on the back foot. The target for the pass would be between the cone and the player receiving the back foot. If the middle player stands too close to the cone, it can't happen.
3. They then pass the ball to the player from the opposite group and follow their pass.
4. If you have more than one group working, make it a competition. The first group to complete 12 rotations.

Coaching points: Game speed. Quality passing. Body shape. The first touch with the back foot.

Intended outcome:

  • To improve the quality of ball control and passing.

  • To get the players moving and opening up their body shape to receive the ball on the back foot.

  • Improve communication. The moment the player turns, communication is needed.

  • To get the players warmed up and ready for the next exercise. The next exercise will need these skills.


Players now move to their left.

Possible Performance Problems:

The exercise may not be done at game speed.

Players will not communicate. The receiving player will not control the ball with their back foot or the pass is not made accurately to the back foot.

Be ready to focus

Keep scanning the area and visualize playing in a game.

Accept mistakes - Find solutions

Coach your teammates


Applaud good play

Be ready to pass or receive the ball


Be willing to move

Make the tackle

Close ball control

Be creative

Quality pass and communication

Body shape

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