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First touch

Exercise description:

Set up 4 cones, 4 players, one ball in an 8 x 15 area. Here is the passing sequence:

Sequence #1 - Players stay in their positions. Working on receiving the ball on the ‘Back foot’. The outside player passes the ball to the first middle player. They receive on their back foot and pass to the next middle player who then passes to the end player. Two touch exercise. Rotate players.

Sequence #2 - The middle player receives the ball (2 touch) and then plays it to the other middle player who plays a one-touch pass back and they then find the end player. Rotate players.

Sequence #3 - All one touch. The end player passes to the middle player who sets it back one touch. The end player now finds the next middle player who sets it back to the other middle player who finds the end line player. Make it a competition. The ball has to go back and forth, the first team to 8 wins!

Coaching points: Players are on the balls of their feet ready to receive the ball. Quality will win!

Intended outcome:

  • Have a fun competitive game with the players and getting them ready for the rest of the practice session.

  • Improve the quality of ball control and passing.

  • Using technique skills in a pressurized setting.

  • Improve team spirit and bonding.

  • Our players will be more comfortable and a lot braver when receiving the ball.


Add your own combinations.

Possible Performance Problems:

Players may cheat.

Be ready to focus - Quality wins

Keep scanning the area and visualize playing in a game.

Accept mistakes - Find solutions

Coach your teammates


Applaud good play

Be ready to pass or receive the ball


On the balls of your feet

Make the tackle

Soft first touch

Quality of the pass

Body shape

Ball contact

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