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Fun 3v1 rondo

Exercise description:

Area: Set up as shown above. Use a 8x8 playing area with three blues. Run as many areas as needed (six players per area) There are three orange defenders standing at the tall cone each has a ball.

1. The first orange defender plays the ball to any blue player and then presses the ball in a 3v1 scenario.

2. Blues must make 8 passes or the orange defender must win the ball for this part of the exercise to end.
3. The second orange defender now passes their ball in and plays 3v1.

4. After each round the orange team add up their number of passes.

5. Play until all three defenders have had a turn (maximum of 24 passes) After all three oranges have defended, they then switch roles. The blue players now become the defenders. Can the oranges connect more passes than the blue team?

Coaching points: Work ethic. Angles of support. One-two touch mentality. Communication.

Intended outcome:

  • To get the players to comprehend angles of support.

  • To make the exercise fun.

  • Teach a 1-2 touch mentality

  • Attackers - Body shape, understand quick 1-2 touch passing.

  • Defenders - Work ethic and angle of approach

  • Instill a speed of thought and decision making

  • Ball mastery in a pressured environment


If you have multiple groups, make it competitive. If you win, you move up, lose and you move down.

Possible Performance Problems:

A lack of movement and angle of support. No one, two touch mentality.

Be ready to focus

Accept mistakes - Find solutions

Coach your teammates


Applaud good play


Be willing to move

Defenders, make the tackle

Body shape

1-2 touch mentality

Angles of support

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