Movement off the ball - Player rotations

Exercise description:

20 x 20 box with a 5 yard square in the center. Five players for this exercise with one soccer ball.

1. The players pass the soccer ball between themselves.

2. Once a pass is made the passer must change places with another player left, right or in the center.

3. Players attempt to play the exercise by using two touches.

4. You can now add a variation and the players can rotate positions even if they are not passing the soccer ball.
Coaching points:
Players receive the ball across their body on the back foot in order to see the entire playing area.
Pass the ball to players that are ready to receive the ball. Weight, accuracy and timing of the pass. Regardless of the movement, players should know where the ball is but not ball watch, scan the area. Communication when players rotate.

Intended outcome:

  • To improve the players movement off the ball. Either once they have passed the ball or when others are passing.

  • Improve technical ability through first touch, body shape, passing accuracy, weight and timing.

  • An understanding of movement into space and the timing of the rotation.


When the moment is right, players can move anytime they like.

Technical / Tactical:

  • Body shape

  • Quality of the pass - Accuracy, weight, and timing.

  • First touch

  • Scanning 

  • Communication

  • Decision making


  • Be ready to interact with teammates.

  • Communicate.

  • Applaud good play and work ethic from teammates.

  • Offer help if you understand the exercise

  • Have fun!


  • Be willing to move into another players area.

  • Work hard

  • React quickly

  • Be ready on the balls of your feet


  • Be ready to focus

  • Embrace failure.

  • Remember the instructions of the exercise. 

  • Decision-making can only happen if we are open to finding answers.

  • Be confident in scanning the area

Possible Performance Problems:

The movement is made at the wrong time. 

The rotation is done too late.