Penetrate the back-line - (Teaching offside)

Exercise description:

Set up as shown. All players at the start position A have a soccer ball. Run technical on both sides.

1. Variation 1 - Play A passes the ball to player B. Player B opens up and passes to running player C. The running players check away and then run behind the back-line. They must stay on-side. Players move to the next cone.

2. Variation 2 - Player A  passes to B, B plays a give and go with player C.

3. Variation 3 –  Player A passes to B, B passes back to A who plays a through ball to running player D.

4. Variation 4 - Player A passes to B, B passes back to A who plays a through ball to running player D. Player D's run has now been made on the inside of the full-back. You may need to adjust your cones for this one.

Coaching points:

Body shape.

First touch.

Quality of pass

Check away to give space to run into.

Timing of the run


Intended outcome:

  • To get the whole team to understand the importance of runs and educate them on breaking offside traps.

  • Improve passing quality and timing of runs.

  • Improve technical passing and first touch.

  • The enjoyment of shooting in a realistic environment.

  • Get the players ready for the nest exercise.


You can also have Play A play the ball wider and Player B entering the box for player D to cross it.

Technical / Tactical:

  • Body shape when receiving the ball.

  • First touch

  • Quality passing.

  • Timing of the run and pass.

  • Communication.

  • When shooting, be brave and choose a target.


  • Be ready to interact with teammates.

  • Communicate.

  • Applaud good play and work ethic from teammates.

  • Offer help if you understand the exercise

  • Have fun!


  • Always work at game speed

  • Be ready to explode into space after the give and go

  • Realistic game-related runs behind the back-line.


  • Be ready to focus

  • Embrace failure.

  • Remember the instructions of the exercise, stay on-side.

  • Decision-making can only happen if we are open to finding answers.

  • Visualize playing in a game

Possible Performance Problems:

The running player is off-side.

Unrealistic passing - Players must visualize playing in a game.

Players may not understand the importance of accuracy on the pass.