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Playing out from the back

Be ready to focus

Scan & visualize

Accept mistakes - Find solutions

Body shape, first touch

Passing accuracy & weight

The movement to create space


Be willing to move


Be a good teammate

Encourage each other

Help with the principles

Set up - Play to the edge of the 18. 22 players are shown (incl GK’s) Can adjust numbers if needed. The field has a 10x10 square in the middle for the eight defenders. A goalkeeper, a back four, and two midfielders attempt to switch play, breaking the halfway line and sliding the ball through a pair of poles.

Rules of the exercise:

1. The coach serves in a ball. Four defenders react to stop them from playing through or around.

2. The attacking team must attempt to work the ball from one side to the other and then switch the ball to the opposite group. Four new defenders press the ball as the ball switches, and the remaining four move back into the central square.

3. Four pressing players – 7, 11, 10, and 9 – attempt to prevent play switches, steal the ball, and score on the goal.

Intended outcome:

  • To improve the teams' connections and support of the ball carrier.

  • Quality of possession as we move the have in our defensive half of the field.

  • To keep possession with a purpose.Improve player rotations to disorganize the defenders.

Performance problems:

  • A rush to move the ball into the opposite half.

  • The four defenders have no thought process of working as a defensive unit.

Principles of play:

  • Spread out, separate, and scan

  • Connections with the ball carrier

  • Player rotations to disorganize

  • Switch the point of attack

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