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Exercise description:

Area - Six players work in a 15x20 area. Three mini-goals are used as shown. There is a three-yard zone at the two mini-goal end.

Exercise 1 - 2v1 quick attack. The ball is played to the furthest red player. The two reds then attack with a 2v1 and can score in either wide mini-goal. One yellow is on the field of play and one is in the three-yard zone. If the yellow defender wins the ball, they should look to score in the single goal. Play this for a set period before the teams swap roles. The yellow player in the zone cannot come out of that area.

Players should also switch roles within their own teams.

Exercise 2: A red attacker now places themselves in front of the yellow defender. The furthest red attacker receives and plays into their teammate who receives the ball with their back to goal. They can then use the spare player to create a 2v1 against the yellow defender.

Exercise 3: The deepest red player receives and can attack in a 3v2 using their teammates on both sides.

Coaching points: Speed of the attack. Angles of support. Decision making. Quality passing. Disguised passes. Close ball control.

Intended outcome:

  • To improve the speed of the attack.

  • To work as a team.

  • This exercise helps the players to understand the distance and angles of support.

  • Improve the timing of a pass and movement.

  • Get the players ready for the next exercise.

  • To compete.


If the defending team wins the ball, the player in the zone can come out and support their teammate in an attack on the mini-goal.

Technical / Tactical:

  • Body shape

  • Quality of the pass - Accuracy, weight, and timing.

  • First touch

  • Angle of support

  • Movement

  • Diguised passes


  • Be ready to interact with teammates.

  • Communicate.

  • Applaud good play and work ethic from teammates.

  • Offer help if you understand the exercise

  • Have fun!


  • Be willing to compete

  • Work hard

  • React quickly

  • Be willing to move when needed

  • Shield the ball


  • Focus, you have an extra player

  • Embrace failure.

  • Remember the instructions of the exercise. 

  • Decision-making can only happen if we are open to finding answers.

  • Be confident and attack at speed

Possible Performance Problems:

The speed of play is slow.

The player does not give a good angle of support and hides behind the defender. 

Lack of movement by the attackers.