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Area Make a suitable size playing area. Use four players and one ball. Set up a triangle and then a cone where the fourth player is stood.

Rules of the exercise:

1. Player with the ball passes and follows the pass.

2. The receiving player plays a give-and-go and then the next player plays a give-and-go.

3. The final player in the triangle opens up their body and plays a long pass to the fourth player.

4. The fourth player plays a give-and-go and the ball ends back at the start.

5. Continue this passing sequence.

Coaching points:

Weight, accuracy and timing of the pass

Body shape


Intended outcome:

  • To get the players comfortable in possession.

  • To improve their ability to pass the ball with quality

  • To improve angles of support.

  • To improve passing - weight, accuracy, and timing.

  • Improve ball control and first touch.

  • Improve confidence

Possible Performance Problems:

Poor passing

Principles of play:

  • Connections with the ball carrier

  • Passing and ball control

  • First touch

  • Body shape

  • Have fun

  • Be a good teammate

  • Help each other

  • Move into spaces

  • Vary running speed

  • Be ready to visualize

  • Learn from others

  • Accept mistakes

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