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Area 35x40. 18 players are shown (we can adapt to the numbers and we will run two stations) Team B – has a ball each; one group – here, Team A – plays on the outside of the playing area as ‘wall-passers’; one group – here, Team C – operates as ‘wall-passers’ in the middle of the grid.

Rules of the exercise:

1. The players on Team B have unlimited touches, while the wall-passers in the middle of the playing area (Team C) have only one touch. The players on the outside of the grid (Team A) are initially permitted unlimited touches.

2.  Team B passes to either a player from team A or C and immediately opens up their body to receive the ball back. They then move to find another open player.

3. The groups’ roles should change at the end of each period of play.

4. Switch the roles of the groups. Team B goes outside, C gets the ball, and team A float around in the playing area.


Players in Teams A and C are also permitted to combine with one another. And then get the ball to player B.

Intended outcome:

  • To get the players comfortable in possession.

  • To improve their ability to scan the field and visualize playing.

  • To improve angles of support.

  • To improve passing - weight, accuracy, and timing.

  • Improve ball control and first touch.

  • To improve angles and distance of support.

Possible Performance Problems:

Players lack the visualization to make it realistic

Principles of play:

  • Spread out, separate, and scan

  • Connections with the ball carrier

  • Angles of support

  • Passing and ball control

  • First touch

  • Body shape

  • Have fun

  • Be a good teammate

  • Help each other

  • Move into spaces

  • Vary running speed

  • Be ready to visualize

  • Learn from others

  • Accept mistakes

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