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3v2 overload

Exercise description: 

Area: Two goalkeepers. 2 v 2 + 1 enter the field. Two red players on the middle line with the coach.

1. To start, two blue and two orange players enter the field and a red player goes to the center point.

2. The coach passes to the red player who must pass with one touch to the team they wish to join for a 3v2 situation. 

 3. If the defending team regains the ball, then the red player changes teams and creates a 3v2 situation for that team to attack.

4. Once the play is over, new players enter the field.

Coaching Points: Passing and control from previous exercises. Use the extra player. Find space. Body shape. Teamwork

Intended outcome:

  • This exercise will encourage your players to scan the field for the open player.

  • Players can also use the open player as a decoy.

  • Encourage to move the ball quickly because the defenders are out of balance.

  • Lot's of shooting opportunities.

  • Improve ball control and speed of play in a real game situation.


Send three players on the field and play a 4v3.

Possible Performance Problems:

If you are doing this with young players, they may not have the knowledge to understand the duties of the red player when possession changes hand. 

Players will not spread out and look for the open player.

Be ready to focus

Keep scanning the area and visualize playing in a game.

Decision making

Coach your teammates


Applaud good play


Be willing to move and make contact

Body shape,

Accurate passing

Scan the playing area for open player

Angles of support

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