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Can we score?

Exercise description:

Area: 20 x 30, 1 goal with a GK. Two mini-goals (or gates) on the outside as shown. 4v3+GK is played. The coach has six soccer balls. Oranges are attacking the large goal.

1.The coach serves the ball to the orange team. They play 4v3 and attack the large goal. The rules of the game are:

6 balls are used.

1. If oranges miss and the balls go wide or the GK saves, that ball is out.

2. If the orange team scores, the coach gets that ball back to use again.

3. If the blue defending team wins the ball and passes it into a mini-goal, or to the coach, that ball plus another ball is taken away. If blues miss the mini-goal, oranges get that one back.

Coaching points: Field awareness. When to take the 1v1, pass, or shoot? Move the ball quickly. The technique of the shot.

Intended outcome:

  • Have fun while teaching the shooting scenarios.

  • To move the ball quickly.

  • Movement in the final third.

  • Improve the quality of the pass and ball control.

  • Instill team play and patience.

  • Improve reactions in the transition.

  • Create scoring opportunities.


Play 4v5 or 5v6, 6v7. Make the playing area larger and eventually move to a regular size field.

Possible Performance Problems:

Players are in a hurry to score. Moving the ball quickly does not mean hurry up and score. 

Players do not react on the transition.


Be ready to focus

Scan & visualize

Accept mistakes - Find solutions

Body shape, soft first touch

Passing accuracy & weight

Movement to create space


Be willing to move

GK's - be brave

Be a good teammate

Encourage each other

Help with the principles

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