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Fun competitive rondo

Exercise description:

Area: Three playing areas. One 12x12 with five blue players and 1 ball. Two 8x8 boxes, each has 3 blue players and 1 ball. Four oranges defenders are at the start.
1. The coach calls GO! The first two oranges enter the 12x12 and play a 5v2. They have to win the ball by dribbling it outside the playing area or if it gets kicked out.
2. When this happens, the two oranges split. They each run into the 8x8 playing area and defend a 3v1. When this is finished, the coach sets off another two defenders. As soon as the ball goes out, the coach passes in another ball to keep the blues busy. Switch the defenders and also move the attacking players into different areas.


Coaching points: Work ethic. Angles of support. One-two touch mentality. Communication.

Intended outcome:

  • To get the players to comprehend competing in a chaotic environment.

  • To make the exercise fun.

  • Defenders - Teamwork and working together in a difficult situation.

  • Attackers - Body shape, understand quick 1-2 touch passing.

  • Attempt to visualize the game-day situations.


Count the passes made by each group.

You can time how long it takes the two defenders to finish the exercise.

Possible Performance Problems:

A lack of quality from the possession players could cause them to kick the ball out of the playing area themselves.

Be ready to focus

Keep scanning the area and visualize playing in a game.

Accept mistakes - Find solutions

Coach your teammates


Applaud good play

Be ready to pass or receive the ball


Be willing to move

Make the tackle

Defenders - Defensive stance, make play predictable, win the ball

Attackers - Body shape, 1-2 touch mentality, angles of support

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