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Technical - One touch passing

Exercise description: 

Passing technique - Area:  10x10 diamond with four players and one ball.

1. Exercise # 1 - Purple players play a wall pass and then pass to the blue. They then swap places. The blue players perform the same action. (Now work work the left side (not shown)

2. Exercise # 2 - The purple plays a give and go with both players to the left and right and then passes long. They then swap with the player to their right. (Now work work the left side (not shown)

3. Exercise # 3 - The players play a triangle pass and then passes long. Player who passes swaps with the player to their right. (Now work work the left side (not shown)

Coaching points: 

Body shape

Contact on the ball

Accuracy and weight of the pass

​Intended outcome:

  • Passing technique

  • Confidence when passing

  • It's the philosophy of the team

  • Improve ball retention for when the player is in a tight area

  • Warm-up ties in with the next situational practice the group will be playing in.


Add your own variations

Possible Performance Problems:

The passes are not accurate.

The body shape of the playrs is wrong.

Be ready to focus

Keep scanning the area and visualize playing in a game.

Accept mistakes

Coach your teammates


Applaud good play and have fun

Be ready to pass or receive the ball


Move on the balls of your 

Body shape, soft first touch

Accurate passing with correct weight

Scan the playing area for open player

One touch mentality

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