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Technical Dribbling

Exercise Description:

Set up some triangles. Eight players move between triangles. There is no limit on how many triangles players can move into, and no set order. 

Players are encouraged to think about their approach to the triangles – in particular, speed and angle of approach.

1. When a player enters a triangle, they need to decide – are they going to exit left, exit right, or turn and come back the way they entered the triangle?

2. Players should also think about their decisions when they leave the triangle: where are they heading next? Where are the other players? Which triangles are free?

3. Finally, players are encouraged to imagine there is a defender in the middle of the triangle, and adjust their movement to reflect this. Cones can be placed in the middle of each triangle to help the players visualize.

Coaching points: Close ball control using all parts of both feet - inside, outside, and the sole of your foot.

Field awareness

Change of speed when moving out of the triangle

Intended outcome:

  • To improve the players dribbling ability and decision-making.

  • Fun and engaging exercise.

  • Encourage the player to use either foot.

  • Explode away from the triangle.

  • Look up and scan the area.

  • Make decisions before entering the triangle.

  • To instill confidence


Players stop their ball in a triangle and go and get another ball.

Possible Performance Problems:

Players not performing at game speed.

Awareness of where to go next.

Players doing the same thing at each triangle.

Be ready to focus

Keep scanning the area and visualize playing in a game.

Accept mistakes - Find solutions

Coach your teammates


Applaud good play

Go hard for the duration of the drill


Be willing to move

Make the tackle

Use inside, outside and the sole of both feet

Keep the ball moving

Explode out of the triangle

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