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Passing - Find the open space

Exercise Description: 

Passing – Movement – Awareness

Area: 24 x 12 (Two red cones in the middle) 6 players start on a yellow cone. One ball is used.
1. The player on the ball passes to a teammate.
2. Once a pass is made, that player moves to a spare cone.

3. Can the passes be one touch?

4. Watch out for players blocking the running path of the passing player. They could trap them in a corner.

Coaching points: 

The players are on the balls of their feet ready to pass or receive the ball.

The receiving player sees the future. They know where they are going next.

The body shape of the players.

Receiving the ball on the back foot.


The quality of the pass:

Accuracy - They understand where they are placing the ball.

Weight - How hard do they hit the ball?

Timing - When do they make the pass?

  • To work on quick passing and movement, while looking at the ball and scanning where to run.

  • The purpose of where the pass is going, the knowledge of knowing where to move. Execution of the pass.

  • First touch & Body shape

  • Using both feet

  • Incorporate realistic game movements.

  • Breaking lines and splitting the defenders with a


  • Scanning the area, looking forward.

  • Improve game fitness.


Now players can move to a spare cone even if they do not pass the ball.

Possible Performance Problems:

Trying to make the exercise as realistic as possible and the visualization that comes with performing this exercise.

Players will block off the run of the passing player and once they have made the pass, they will have no open space to move to unless they run across the path of the ball.

Passing accuracy, weight, and timing is unrealistic.


Be ready to focus

Keep scanning the area and visualize playing in a game.

Accept mistakes and have fun

Body shape, soft first touch

Accurate passing & correct weight

Scan the playing area for open player

Coach your teammates


Applaud good play

Be ready to pass or receive the ball


Be willing to move

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