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7 - 10 year old - You can purchase the practice sessions without worrying about how much of the content you will use. The 15 practice sessions are geared towards this specific age group, so you will use all of them. All the practice sessions are engaging and fun for the players. The sessions are related to the game and they will help you develop your players. These are tried and tested sessions and you will see your teams improvement.

The practice sessions:


Phase I session book

Technical - Shooting

Finishing under pressure

Passing and moving

Ball control and passing

Dribble 1v1

Click book to get the pdf file

When to dribble / run with the ball

15 Phase I

practice sessions


Ball mastery - Dribble and Shield

Field awareness

Speed of thought

Teaching team-work

Playing out from the back

First touch & passing

Let's be competitive

Ball mastery - Dribbling

Team shape

The practice sessions will be emailed to you in pdf format.

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