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15 - Adult - You can purchase the practice sessions without worrying about how much of the content you will use. The 16 practice sessions are geared towards this specific age group, so you will use all of them. All the practice sessions are engaging and fun for the players. The sessions are related to the game and they will help you develop your players. These are tried and tested sessions and you will see your teams improvement.

The practice sessions:


Compact defending

Balanced defending

Pressing - Reactions

The role of the defensive midfielder

Playing through the lines

Phase III session book

Download free.gif

Transition in attack

Penetrate in the final third

Counter attack v Possession

Possession overload

Switching the point of attack

Possession & support

Reactions in the box

Counter Attack

Possession - Exploiting space

500 touches on the ball

Pressing in the final third

The practice sessions will be emailed to you in pdf format.

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