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7 - 10 year old - This is the foundation of soccer development. These early years are critical in a young players life. All the practice sessions in this phase of development are geared toward this age group. The practice sessions are fun, engaging and they are related to the game of soccer. Your players and coaching staff will really enjoy these sessions.

11 - 14 year old - The practice sessions start getting more tactical. These sessions contain all aspects of development: - Technical, Tactical, Physical, Psychological, social. The practice sessions have a theme that you work on and they allow you to have a really good flow to your sessions.

15 - Adult - In this stage of development your players (and you as a coach) are going to be challenged to their maximum level. These sessions are being used all over the world in professional soccer academies. Your players will really appreciate these demanding practice sessions.

Tactical - This is more advanced. Once your players have been through all phases of development or you feel they are at a level where they really need a challenge, then this section of the website is for you and your players. The practice sessions really focus on the tactical side of the game


Playbook - This e-book will help your players perform better on game day. Every position explained in detail, and there are also game scenarios that can help individuals and the team. When your substitute is entering the field, you can show them the tactical plays that can help them understand the game better. This ebook is a great tool that will educate your players and put them on another level.

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