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Technical - Playing through the midfield

Exercise Description:

Area: 30x30 with three poles/cones placed in the center like a midfield three (6, 8 & 10) Players start alternately at the starting point. A player is positioned on each pole.

1. Play starts with a player passing to the furthest player (would be #6), who then touches it to the next player (#8).

2. '#8' would then pass it to the wide player who then plays a give-and-go with '#10'.  

3. The rotation would be, 10 moves wide, 8 moves to 10. The exercise now starts from the other end.


The starting player passes to the closest player, who passes back. The starter then passes to the next midfielder who plays the ball 'round the corner' to #10 who sets the ball for the midfielder who passes it wide. Then a give-and-go is played with #10.

Coaching points: Body shape. 1 touch mentality. Quality of pass. Understand where to place the pass. Accuracy, weight, and timing of the pass.

Intended outcome:

  • Instill confidence when moving the ball quickly through the midfield.

  • Improve passing and communication.

  • This exercise will help the players understand what can be achieved with quick ball movement

  • To get the player's minds ready for the next exercise as the intensity increases


Figure out some more combinations

Possible Performance Problems:

Unrealistic movement and passing. Players will not visualize themselves in a game. For the variation part, the pass into the play who plays the ball 'round the corner' must be played as if there is a defender behind them.

Be ready to focus - Make decisions

Keep scanning the area and visualize playing in a game.

Accept mistakes - Find solutions

Coach your teammates


Applaud good play

Be ready to pass or receive the ball


Be willing to move

Work at game speed

Quality of the pass and first touch

Pass with purpose

Find open players

Entice the defenders

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