The Book

Every coach has a destination...this is your road map.

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Every coach must have a vision. They need to be the hardest worker on the team. This hard work and dedication will rub off on the players. They need to show that they have a passion for teaching and they care about their players. The coach then needs to teach and educate the players. If players feel cared for and know you can improve their skills; you will have a positive culture. Behind every great team are a positive culture, outstanding leadership, and committed people. 'The Soccer Coach's Blueprint will help you take this journey. The book covers the vision of a player and coach, systems of play at 7v7,9v9 and 11v11. It shows you how to structure your practice sessions and explain each player's roles on the field. This book is a valuable tool in creating a culture of learning and togetherness.

Good luck!